Spending time among vegetation and strong colors has a positive effect on our mood and well-being. But what happens when you can combine the two and get endorphines from exercise as well as energy from the nature? 

The fresh air makes you healthy

That it feels healthy to breathe the outdoor-air is not groundbreaking news, but there actually is an underlying explanation for why. When in nature, the body automatically goes to sleep. The condition gives the body time to invest in important functions that produce good health effects. When we feel completely safe, for example, the body has the opportunity to reproduce, build up and improve our immune system

Nature with all its tranquility, multivitamin and the nutrition it provides us with, is said to cure diseases too. Signs show that the air we breath from nature contains beneficial substances for our body. One theory is that we get bacteria through natural air, which strengthens our digestive system and thus enables us to break down and absorb important substances that we cannot absorb.

Nature's healing and recovery effect can lower high blood pressure and increase stress resistance. The body's resting state in nature reduces the body's stress hormone and instead makes room for dopamine, also known as the calm- and happiness hormone to increase. Nature and the forest also promote social well-being and create a "we" feeling, which means that we behave more favorably towards other people and are more easily in a good mood. So if you recognize yourself being in an irritative mood in the morning - join a morning workout outdoors in the nature! You’ll get an perfect start of the day.


The ground provides good conditions for varied training

The outdoor ground is a perfect basis for success with varied training. Exercising outdoors without gear works just fine because training with the help of nature's resources creates variety in your exercises. By using, for example, uneven stones to push against or to do a "box jump" creates level differences depending on which stone you choose. The unevenness in the ground also requires the body to parry movements more efficiently than on flat ground, which means that you also use your small muscles.

So be sure to test one of the more than 65 outdoor exercises per week that Swiftr offers through our partner studios and breathe in fresh air. Click on our wide selection of over 1500 classes a week to find exactly what you want to book!

Try outdoor exercising! Swiftr is for both beginners and professionals! 


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