First of all – let’s clear out what Swiftr actually is.

Swiftr is the training membership that gives you access to a world of top-notch gyms and niche studios. Our partner studios are selected with the utmost care based on their knowledge, quality and passion. Download our app, find the studio or gym of choice and start training! 

Just as with a regular gym card, you pay a monthly membership fee. But since we believe in freedom, we offer memberships that doesn’t require commitment periods. With more than 70 training forms to choose from, it is easy to find your favorite and discover both instructor-led classes and drop-in training. Once arriving at the studio you just scan the QR code in the entrance with your mobile, and you’re good to go.

What are the benefits of a Swiftr membership?

Research shows that varied training gives better results and greater motivation. But most often, the variation of training you can choose from and the quality of the workouts are limited to the supply a particular studio has to offer. Swiftr is a smarter alternative for those who have dual memberships in the gym, a card for yoga, one for swimming and so on. Or for those who simply want top quality every time they exercise.

You do not have to settle for "gym yoga" or a boxing-inspired workout, but can visit the highest quality yoga studios or real boxing or martial arts clubs. There is outdoor training, skiing, SUP, swimming pools, barre, virtual reality training and much more. (So It’s not a surprise that the concept is spreading like wildfire internationally!)

- Instead of tying yourself to a gym chain, you get a wider width and a larger selection, but you only need a membership. It's the new way to train, says Johanna Sjögren, founder of Swiftr.

For everyone that travels and commutes there is always an option of training nearby. No need to leave your training gear at home!