5 easy tips to make your round fun and varied:

Rushing between posts.

An easy way to get some speed play into your running is to rush between 2 lampposts and jog more gently between 2 others. In this way you get a more natural speed.

Run a detour.

Leave the usual trail and run into the forest where there are both roots, stones and uneven ground. By running on more uneven ground, the body and its small muscles must parry the movements more. Core and small muscles in the body are then naturally connected and the training thus becomes more varied.

Hunting the hair.

If you are two running, let one run a little ahead and determine the tempo, fast, medium, slow. One may adjust the tempo to the other runner and vice versa.

Rushing for slopes.

Those slopes that normally take a little longer to follow out, are perfect slopes for intervals. Choose to run fast up the slopes and go down if you need recovery. In this way, you get both a higher resistance for your muscles due to the uphill but also a heart rate booster, which improves the oxygen uptake.

Intensive Running.

Choose a distance on the running lap that is between 500 m and 1 km. Jog to the place to warm up about 10 mins so you are really warm. The route you have chosen will be the stage where the intensive running will take place. Run the distance at a pace that is tougher than usual, where you feel that both your breath and muscles get to work more significantly than your usual jogging pace. Jog very slowly or walk for 3 - 5 minutes. Run back the same distance in the tougher tempo and repeat 3 - 6 times. Jog home as a cooldown.