Even if you love to work out, the sofa may feel more attractive on some days. A hack can therefore be to try out a new and fun activity with your friends or significant other – just as effective as a regular training session, without even thinking about it! 

Padel tennis

Padel tennis is the latest trend in racquet sports and has completely exploded among training enthusiasts. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and there are many padel centers around the country. The sport, which initially comes from Spain, is both social and effective. And it offers an element of competition to get the adrenaline pumping! 


Climbing has long been on the rise and is now also one of the fastest growing sports in Sweden and in many other countries as well.


Climbing enhances both your strength and endurance. With a focus on the next grip and getting up to the wall, climbing literally takes you to new heights, and you don't have time to think about exercising. But the fact is that you consume around 600 calories in one hour, which is more than you burn in an hour of really tough aerobics. In addition, climbing improves your problem solving ability as you are constantly challenged with new "problems" when finding different paths on the climbing wall. 


A large number of trampoline parks have opened around the world and more and more people have discovered trampoline jumping as their main training form, while many use it as a supplement to other forms of training. Many of the trampoline centers also arranges group lessons in jumping and the fact is that 10 minutes of active jumping corresponds to about 30 minutes of running. The trampoline trains your entire body, tones your muscles and improves your coordination.


Other fun workouts you can try with Swiftr

  • SUP Yoga
  • Wakeboarding
  • Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • Parkour